Friday, March 18, 2011

"Apartheid" Postscript

I have again, just recently (here and here), noted that the aim of the anti-Israel BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions) movement is not to bring about policy change, and rather, the delegitimization of the state, as such. It's no secret. It's just increasingly well documented.

For example, those naughty and rambunctious folks over at The Propagandist ("Confusion to our enemies!") have run a piece confirming that although advocates sincerely believe the "apartheid" charge, they see its real value as tactical rather than analytical.  Co-founder of Judy Rebick was foolish enough to be recorded admitting as much to a room of star-struck supporters at Toronto's "Israeli Apartheid Week" festivities:
"There is the brilliance, the propaganda brilliance, of calling Israel an Apartheid state,” Rebick gushed. “Because every time these people put a motion through Parliament and through the legislature or try to shut you down in other ways, they have to say Israel isn’t an Apartheid state. They have to say it’s hate talk to say Israel is an Apartheid state."

"Each time they have to say it," Rebick continued. "So over time it really is a brilliant propaganda tactic, because each time it becomes more familiar. Something that is forbidden by the mainstream becomes a familiar phrase.”
[The relevant portion of the linked video begins at around 6:15]

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