Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We Seem to Have a Winner in the Flag Contest

After a somewhat meandering discussion, members of the Amherst Design Review Board and Historical Commission have expressed unanimous support for flag design number 10 submitted by artist Barry Moser.

Note: this digital image does not accurately convey the colors of the design: above all, the actual background color is maroon rather than purplish.

* * *


The colors of digitally created images may appear very different in electronic and print forms (and for that matter, vary from one device to another, depending on its capacity and display settings). When the aforementioned boards reviewed the design, they preferred the way the background color by chance turned out in the print and selected it: as noted above, more of a maroon than a magenta.

I therefore produced the following mockup of the flag, adding the date of the Town's formal recognition as specified in the charge. 

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