Tuesday, July 20, 2010

20 July One small step for a man . . . one "mammoth cheese" for mankind

Nope, not 20 July 1969 and the moon landing, but the day on which (according to Mass Moments):
in 1801, the Berkshire County town of Cheshire made a 1235-pound ball of cheese and shipped it to Washington, D.C. as a gift for the newly-elected President, Thomas Jefferson, who was a popular figure in western Massachusetts. When news of the "mammoth cheese" reached the eastern part of the state, it caused consternation.
I always thought this had the makings of a great science fiction movie plot, especially if combined with a story about the moon landing, or aliens landing here.

In the meantime: You may at any rate take a look at last year's post, in which I attempted to treat together the moon landing and the cheese ball—as well as space toilets, Wallace and Gromit, and the Colbert Report.

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