Thursday, September 13, 2012

9-11 2012 in Amherst: We Do Mark and Mourn the Anniversary

As I recently noted, controversy over the commemoration of the 9-11 terrorist attacks in Amherst seems to crop up almost every year in the press (sometimes making headlines or national news), even as our small town does indeed mark the sad anniversary every year in sober and seemly fashion.

The normal venue is the central Fire Station, where our first responders mark the loss of both their brethren and the ordinary citizens who perished on that day.

bell readied for the memorial ceremony

Among those of us associated with local or state government and administration were four members of the Select Board, Town Manager John Musante, State Representative Ellen Story, Planning Director Jonathan Tucker, and Director of Conservation and Development Dave Ziomek, as well as other members of Town staff.

residents assemble prior to the ceremony
Town residents also marked the anniversary in their own way.

One here displayed a flag with the names of 9-11 victims.

After the ceremony, blogger and tireless 9-11 commemoration advocate Larry Kelley stood with his flag at the corner in the center of town and then trudged down the street to the intersection of Routes 9 and 116.

at the Fire Station

An unidentified mourner parked a large construction vehicle adorned with multiple flags in front of Town Hall.

And as always, Amherst Town flags flew at half-staff.

But I doubt that Fox New will cover any of this.

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