Sunday, October 31, 2010

Strange Doings on Halloween: no good deed goes unpunished

Well, I thought I was doing a good deed when I tweeted the announcement of the position of Acting Director of the Jones Library.

Imagine my surprise when, only a short while later, I saw that it had shown up in the Twitter newspaper, the WesternMA Daily (that, I had expected)—but listed under "Crime" (!). That I most certainly did not expect.

I am wondering what automated procedure could conceivably have come up with that decision, especially given that there is a "Business" rubric.  Or perhaps it was just the Halloween spirits working their mischief? And the sun is not yet set on this fateful day. Who knows what else awaits us?

Update: 6:00 p.m.

Well, now we know what one of those things is. There are now 9 "Milky War" bars and wrappers inside the dog, just waiting to come out.  Trick or Treat!

(and the evening is still young)

Update 2 November:

Worked fine this week. Because it was a retweet rather than an original?  Or was it just those mischievous spirits, after all?

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