Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Historical Commission Tuesday Night Update

On Tuesday night, the Historical Commission took up several pieces of significant business, most associated with Community Preservation Act appropriations:

• It heard a report from consultant Martha Lyon after which it formally authorized the start of the bid process, in accordance with her recommendations, for restoration of historic nineteenth-century ironwork in West Cemetery:  the ornamental fencing around the Dickinson and Cutler plots, as well as the Town Tomb door.

• It authorized applying for newly available state matching funds for a survey of historic outbuildings.

• In the lengthiest discussion of the evening, it took up the demolition delay requests for historic structures on the Hawthorne property (235 East Pleasant Street), acquired by the town at spring Town Meeting for potential use as recreation and affordable housing.  The Commission found both the Greek Revival farmhouse (c. 1790-1830) and the two barns (one, late nineteenth century, and one, circa mid-twentieth century) to possess historical importance—the house, in 4 categories, the older barn, in 3, and the newer horse barn, in 1—under the terms of our Demolition Delay Bylaw.  However, given the late hour and departure of two Commission members, it tabled a decision on the demolition request until the start of its next meeting on October 19.

• Finally, the Commission reviewed relevant portions of the zoning measures proposed as replacements for the town's old Phased Growth Bylaw, which will appear on the fall Town Meeting warrant.

Details will follow soon.

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