Monday, October 11, 2010

Gazette on Library Director's Retirement

The Gazette today publicized news of Jones Library Director Bonnie Isman's retirement.
. . . .
Isman, whose performance evaluation this summer sparked controversy among members of the library trustees, informed staff and trustees Friday that she will be stepping down Dec. 10.

"I've been there for 30 years. It's a good, round number," said Isman, reached at her Amherst home Monday. "I've been planning to retire in 2010 for a couple of years.". . . . . .
Isman said the announcement of her retirement gives trustees two months to establish a process of recruiting and hiring a successor and implementing a transition plan.

Isman praised the "great, creative staff" with whom she has worked and thanked the numerous residents who have been dedicated trustees and spoken up for the public library system in the community. (read the rest)
In the meantime, it seems, my recent hopes for progress and reconciliation were premature: the trustees are at each other's throats again. It's sad. All no doubt believe themselves to be devoted to the best interests of one of the town's most important and beloved institutions, but everyone—trustees, staff, public, and the institution itself—loses as a result of the strife.

Just a year ago, things seemed so much better.

Happier times:  dedication of the Robert Frost plaque, October 2009

Director Bonnie Isman
Trustee Chair Pat Holland and State Sen. Stan Rosenberg

Update: another report

• Diane Lederman, "Jones Library Director Bonnie J. Isman will depart in December," The Republican, 13 Oct.

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