Saturday, March 3, 2012

Backlog and Back to Blogging

As always, there are good intentions and there is reality (or at the least: competing claims on those good intentions). Although I had planned to slow down over January term, I hadn't planned to cease posting for such an extended period.

Mostly, it has just been a busy time at work, as the new semester starts. But not only were we preparing new classes. We also hired a wonderful new director of the Hampshire College Library and are in the process of hiring a new instructor in Middle Eastern studies. We have several new digital humanities projects in the pipeline. Work on the accreditation task force is moving ahead.

In addition , there is the civic world: politics and administration: Town government continues to run smoothly, and we are easily moving into high gear as the budget process begins in earnest in the four months prior to Town Meeting. 

I was also busy on some outside work-related projects—as well as some further activities in the blogosphere/world of social media (more on those in due time).

I'll start to catch up now, including: a few items that would have been ideal for Black History Month but are not time-specific, some shorter pieces under running rubrics, as well as the usual news stories, as they arise.

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