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Tevis Kimball new acting director of Jones Library

One of the open questions at the retirement celebration in honor of outgoing Jones Library Director Bonnie Isman was that of succession. Although the trustees had agreed to seek an interim director rather than attempt to fill the position permanently on short notice, that plan ran into a roadblock when two of the candidates dropped out, apparently because they concluded it was too difficult to relocate for a temporary position.

Writing in the Republican, Diane Lederman reports on the solution:
AMHERST - The Jones Library Board of Trustees has appointed Tevis Kimball, curator of special collections at the library, as acting director until a permanent director is found.

Long-time director Library Director Bonnie J. Isman left Dec. 10 after 30 years. The trustees had planned to interview two candidates for the interim position but both withdrew their names. They had hoped to have hired an interim director before Isman departed.

Kimball will spend about one fifth of her time in special collections and the remainder as director, said library trustee Christopher J. Hoffmann. (read the rest)
Larry Kelley actually ran the story on his blog four days ago, when the announcement came out. His piece moreover includes the text of a statement by Kimball.

I've worked with Tevis on historic preservation issues:  a joint project of the Historical Commission and Library is an ongoing document conservation and digitization program, supported with Community Preservation Act funds. She has also been a great help to my classes as I introduce students to historic preservation, local history, and archival research.

Tevis Kimball showing a 19th-century newspaper to my historic preservation class
 An interview that ran in the Amherst Bulletin in 2007 provides an overview of Tevis's interests and the work of Special Collections.

Recent reports

Larry Kelley, "Jones Library has a new (acting) director," Only in the Republic of Amherst, 14 December
Diane Lederman, "Tevis Kimball named acting director of Jones Library in Amherst," Springfield Republican, 18 December
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