Friday, December 3, 2010

So You Want to Write a Novel (from the book blog)

From the book blog:

The "xtranormal" do-it-yourself text-to-movie animations, with curious characters saying outrageous things in monotones, are going viral. The video that introduced me to the genre is "So You Want to Write a Novel," which is one of the best. . .

For me, the exchange that struck home was this one:
Author: “It’s going to need a lot of editing: I’m not the best speller.”

Editor: “My throat is starting to close up. The publishing industry really sort of expects you to have the whole spelling and grammar thing down.”
See the whole post (and the video) on Habent Sua Fata Libelli.
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jpo said...

Cute, but surely not what introduced you to the genre...

Citizen Wald said...

Quite so, JPO. I should have been more precise. I mean: who could forget the debate over the Amherst override. What I meant was the genre of the "So you want to be ...."