Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Three-Headed Shitstorm" on the Horizon: Library Scandal and Outrage in Amherst

Friday evening update:

Little did I think when I put up a short piece here Thursday morning that it might cause offense.  Nonetheless, several high-minded friends and acquaintances told me that they found the title and tone too flippant or disrespectful.

It was helpful to receive their feedback and learn that some passages, however intended, might have been misinterpreted.  As the great German dramatist and radical political activist Georg Büchner (1813-37) said—and I wholeheartedly agree with his entire statement—"to insult someone is cruelty."

Because I have no desire for distractions such as these to get in they way of serious (in the proper sense) consideration of the major issue in question, I took down the original post and restated the points more simply here.  They remain the same, for the background facts, the new information conveyed, and the opinions of others there described have not changed.
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