Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lighter Treatments of Heavier Things: fun with opera

A stray comment from a friend in an unrelated discussion about video reminded me of one of my favorite films in one of my favorite genres: the short but smart film that manages to be humorous because it is truly well informed.

This one is Kim Thompson's "All the Great Operas in Ten Minutes," which I've sometimes managed to bring into my teaching for one class or another. It provides students with a sense of classic opera plots while gently poking fun at the genre and at us by in effect applying our film rating system to this canon of classical music.  Anyway, you'll see.

Perhaps just the thing when the temperature is 90 (and AccuWeather tells me that the "RealFeel," i.e. with humidity, etc. is 97 [36 C]) and one needs a break from work or other burdens. And it only takes 10 minutes. Come on, as Kim would say. Give it a try.

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