Saturday, November 26, 2011

Your Select Board: Covering Amherst 100% (another example)

Even two weeks before the premature blizzard caused the Snowpocalypse last month, your Select Board had the town covered 100-percent, in a manner of speaking.

All members of the Select Board were invited to attend the inauguration of new Amherst College President Carolyn "Biddy" Martin on Sunday, October 16.

As it happened, that was also the date of the annual  Shelter Sunday, on which volunteers fan out into the town, raising funds for service organizations that help our neighbors in need. (In 2010, they raised over $ 34,000.)

Because Select Board Chair Stephanie O'Keeffe was committed to her customary service on behalf of that effort, I was deputized to represent the Town at the celebration of the gown.

And so it happened that, while Stephanie was going door-to-door on behalf of the "99 percent," I was wearing a suit (for the first time in ages) and sitting on the dais among and for the sake of the "1 percent"—not exactly a role I'm accustomed to.

Between us, we covered the town 100-percent. As in the case of so many political issues, I guess that's all that counts: compromise, teamwork, and getting the job done.

Details to follow.

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