Saturday, September 3, 2011

Student Return updates

I met with my new first-year advisees yesterday, had a great class.

In the meantime, with every passing day, Amherst is assuming its school-year character.  Driving past a student rental yesterday evening, I saw my first big lawn party with a sign informing drivers, "You honk, we drink."

Of course, as one of my Tweeps recently remarked, "if they need a reason to drink (honk) they just aren't in the big leagues ;-) " I replied that it was probably just that they were not very athletic and considered this a form or sport.

In the meantime, inspired by the satirical advice proffered to new Boston-area students, I am thinking of collecting my own advice for the new Five-College arrivals.

First admonition:
Be sure to pronounce the "h" in Amherst very clearly, so that people will not think you are an ignorant outsider.
Your suggestions?

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