Saturday, May 22, 2010

Commencing to What? Hijinks at Hampshire

About to head off to Commencement.

The big speculation today concerns not the content of the keynote address by Commencement speaker Peter Cole, a Hampshire alumnus, distinguished scholar and translator of Hebrew, and MacArthur Prize winner—and rather, the likelihood of various disruptions.

Rumors have involved political protest by Students for Justice in Palestine (though why they would think of attacking a translator of medieval Hebrew, with left-wing political views, would make any sense is a mystery), or, more likely, protests arising from any one of a number of simmering controversies that have disrupted campus life this year: general and ongoing tensions between rebellious faculty and the administration, or the more recent faculty-student-staff protests over admissions policy and facilities. Anyone's guess.

I , for one, just want to watch the students graduate and listen to the speaker. Who knows? At least it won't snow, as it did several years ago.

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