Saturday, April 3, 2010

Just Plain April Fools (those poor confused SJP kids)

Trying to think of something to write for April Fool's Day, when the fates again come to my rescue: The Hampshire College Climax has a feature story on Students for Justice in Palestine and "Divestment: A year later."

The follow-up title on the continuation page is even funnier and inadvertently more revealing:
"One year later, causes and results of Hampshire's divestment from [sic] remain contested"
Yep, that's right: "divestment from".....uh, . . . oh, I forgot. Whoops.

Although the newspaper coyly refers to divestment from over 200 companies found to be in violation of the College's ethical investment guidelines, it's still unwilling or unable to say just what the College divested from or why. (Thank you, Dr. Freud!) Not the Israeli Occupation (remember to hold down that shift key, or it's not official!) of Palestine, that's for sure.

But as if the preceding howler were not embarrassing enough, we find:
For SJP, the confusion didn't just start with the administration. The students in that group felt that a lot of confusing information was sent out and that many did not understand that the group was not trying to divest from Israel but companies that supported the occupation of Israel [emphasis added].
Huh?! Poor fools. No wonder they're confused.

[Note: this issue of the paper is not yet online, so I have uploaded a scan of the article here.]

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