Friday, February 12, 2010

Auschwitz Sign Theft Update: new arrest

Acting on a Polish warrant issued some 10 days ago, police in Sweden arrested neo-Nazi Anders Hoegstrom, 34 as the alleged mastermind behind the theft of the famed sign from the Auschwitz gate. The authorities have not yet taken on extradition, pending his interrogation. The case marks the first major use of the new European Arrest Warrant, which can greatly streamline the extradition process. Polish authorities had recovered the sign and arrested five Polish citizens shortly after the crime

Initial speculation concerning the motives attributed the crime to a desire for profit, but the authorities in the meantime concluded that right-extremist elements were behind it.

Sample coverage:

• BBC,"Auschwitz sign theft: Swedish man arrested in Stockholm," 12 Feb.
• Deutsche Welle, "Poland issues EU arrest warrant for Swede over Auschwitz theft," 2 Feb.
• News from Poland, "No European arrest warrant for Auschwitz sign theft Swede?" 26 Jan.

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