Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hampshire BDS Conference Beginning to Attract Wider Attention

Next week's Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions conference organized by Hampshire College Students for Justice in Palestine is beginning to attract attention in the wider world.

• Already in September, a blog in The Nation (never a reliable source on these matters) ran a piece promoting the event. The title, "Activists Build on Historic Israel Divestment Victory," pretty much says it all, repeating the manifest falsehood that Hampshire College, which was the first to divest from South Africa, "made history (and controversy) again as the first college to divest from Israeli occupation."

This is not the "Wizard of Oz," so closing your eyes, clicking your heels three times and repeating the mantra still will not change the reality. Saying it is so does not make it so.

• On the other side, Jon Haber has started to post a running commentary (only satire, so far) on the widely read Solomonia. In the meantime, his own blog, Divest This!, features those "light" pieces as well as other, more serious ones, for example, calling attention to the failure of recent BDS efforts.

I expect there will be a good deal more coverage as the date of the event approaches, and I'll try to keep up with it here.

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