Monday, June 22, 2009

Getting back in the groove

For a variety of reasons, I decided not to attempt to maintain a regular posting schedule during our very full and successful study abroad course in Prague and Kraków from May through mid-June. Instead, it seemed simpler and wiser to digest some of the results of those travels and post them in the accustomed form here.

We did, however, create a course blog, on which some of the students posted during the trip, and we'll link to that later, as well.

In the meantime, it's an especially busy season because, after an unusual Town Meeting that was was divided between May and June, we can also look forward (a peculiar idiomatic phrase) to yet another Special Town Meeting in late July. The principal reason for the latter is the adoption of new local options taxes, which is dictated by the state calendar and new fiscal year. However, this year's May and June sessions provided some unexpected tensions--some of which bear, directly or indirectly, on historic preservation matters--which may not have subsided by then.

Keep posted.

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