Sunday, February 22, 2009

Darwin: Very Gradual Change We Can Believe In

Illinois computer science grad student Mike Rosulek has designed a great new Darwin 200 poster, "that," as he says, "parodies the famous Shepard Fairey Obama poster." More power to him. Top five (okay, I'm too lazy to think of ten) reasons to like it:
  • It effectively conveys an essential scientific truth in a concise and humorous way.
  • It looks good, aesthetically: Somehow, the annoying pastel colors of the quasi-philistine and disturbingly hagiographic original are more tolerable as parody.
  • It looks better in a technical sense: He designed it as a vector graphic.
  • The profits go for a good cause: the National Center for Science Education, "defending the teaching of evolution in public schools."
  • He speaks some Czech.
And besides that, by using a picture of a man long dead, he reduces the chance of getting his ass sued for copyright infringement (though beware: If an old picture, as in the case of the famous--and only authenticated--photo of Emily Dickinson, is the property of a specific party--in this case, Amherst College--you can still get in trouble for infringing on the owner's rights if you do not obtain proper permission).

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