Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wanted: A Wikipedia Entry for Radical Historian Harvey Goldberg

A reader who spotted my passing references to Harvey Goldberg in earlier postings on George Mosse and the Humanities Building, at the University of Wisconsin brought to my attention a plea from another blogger.

"Greenbush Boy" (a.k.a. Sidney Iwanter), in "Manning the Barricades One Last Time," notes that, in the second half of the 20th century, the powerful University of Wisconsin History Department produced a number of famous and influential historians. Most, including US social and intellectual historian Merle Curti,  antiwar activist and foreign policy revisionist William Appleman Williams, and pioneering scholar of Nazism George Mosse, have their own Wikipedia entries, some of which are extensive.

Why, he asks, does Harvey Goldberg, radical historian and historian of radicalism, lack one?

It's a very good question.  I don't have the expertise to create it, but somewhere, among his students and devotees, there must be someone who is capable of doing so. Why not?  It would be a nice good deed with which to begin the new year.

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